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2009 Seo Marketing Resolutions

As Internet business sales continue to gain strength while conventional store front sales falter, Search Engine Optimization, or SEO has become a critical skill in marketing and sustaining sales. At one time, a business’s SEO effort was directed toward obtaining the highest page rank with Internet search engines, especially Google, while the primary focus of marketing remained focused on conventional advertising and direct mail. These days, however, marketing and SEO have become unified in a new form, SEO Marketing; a nexus of information and opportunity for buyer and seller alike.

The Need for SEO Marketing

The idea behind SEO marketing is not unlike the goal of conventional marketing: to achieve, in the consumer, the ideal mix of emotion, desire, and willingness to buy a particular product from a product line. Only the medium has changed. While mastery of conventional sales techniques, such as those possessed by the on-the-floor salesperson, will continue to be an essential component of sales, SEO marketing requires an entirely new skill set: mastering what is primarily a visual and instantaneous communications medium. The key to this effort is SEO in its many forms and nuances as Web Pages continue to evolve, now becoming virtual sales catalogs, displayed on millions of computer screens by a variety of sophisticated browsers.

Keeping up with SEO Marketing and Technology

As a result of accelerating improvement in technology, such as computer processor speeds and data handling capabilities, Internet web pages are rapidly evolving in both form and function. Streaming video, RSS feeds, real time chat, and sophisticated social networking are a small sample of recent improvements in Internet technology. These features are being incorporated into opportunity seeking web sites as quickly as they are developed and sometimes before they are proven to be viable. All of these constitute the new form, or rather opportunity, for successful SEO marketing if one is quick to recognize it. This entails keeping a watchful eye on trends in technology as well as trends in consumer buying patterns.

SEO Marketing Solutions

Every business should review its marketing plans every so often to make sure that they are meeting owner or shareholder expectations by producing results in the form of sustainable sales. In today’s marketplace, a company’s marketing plan must be heavily weighted toward SEO marketing vs. conventional media advertising. Such a plan would encompass all the keys, and perhaps a few secrets, for engaging the consumer in making a purchase decision. The components of an effective SEO marketing plan and SEO marketing solution are well founded in conventional sales technique, but require examination and re-evaluation from the perspective of rapidly developing new age information technology, fickle Internet savvy consumers, and shifts in buying patterns. Adapting to developments in 3-D presentation, for example is just one area that is sure to consume a large part of any SEO marketing solution in the future.

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