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A Look At Ayn Rand And Her Ideas On Justice

Ayn Rand supports the existence of a limited government for the protection of people and their property. The ideal limited government would simply represent the interests of the people. Dictators and monarchies are thus cancers to the people: they take without giving back; they exploit their position and rely on the cult of personality rather […]

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A Comparison Of Legends About The Creation Of Fire

A Comparison of Legends About the Creation of Fire from Around the World There are numerous legends about fire all around the globe, from the Mediterranean to South America, Africa, the Middle East, and North America. There is a general feel to each of these legends that the coming of fire to mankind is the […]

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A Background To American Yiddish Words

Yiddish in the Yiddish language means Jewish. It is a language comprised of Hebrew, German and a mix of some Slavic (Indo-European languages including Russia, Polish, Bulgarian) languages. It was known as the international language for the Ashkenazi Jews (Jews and their descendants from Central and Eastern Europe), and the alphabet is based on Hebrew […]

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