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A Guide To College Scholarships And Grants In

Listed here are scholarships and grants specific to Colorado students. Some have more requirements than others. You may also want to consider grants that are subject specific, or aimed at disadvantaged groups, if you qualify for them to boost your income while you are at college.

Scholarship Foundation

DFS offers a scholarship for students in financial need graduating from Denver public schools and attending any of the

39 colleges in Colorado that qualify. Awards may be up to $5000 a year and are renewable for up to five years depending in the institution attended. The Scholarship Foundation also has a Scholarship Directory students might find useful for finding additional sources of funding.

Masons’ Benevolent Fund Scholarships

The Colaorado Masons’ Benevolent Fund Scholarships Committee awards scholarships of up to $7000 per year for up to four years study at an institute of higher learning withing Coloarado state to seniors graduating from Colarado High Schools. Awards are based on “leadership, maturity, need, and scholastic ability without reference to race, creed, color, sex, or Masonic relationship.”

Has a database of scholarships available to Colorado students that includes State and national scholarships. You can search the database using their Scholarship Finder to display only scholarships you might be eligible for based on your skills, qualifications and personal circumstances.

The database currently contains details of 15412 scholarships, and the site also offers Career Planning, Financial Aid Planning and Financial Fitness advice, to help you make the most of your college experience, and to make any funds you receive stretch further. You can set up a personal account on the site, and keep track of your needs, which you identify using the Financial Needs Wizard. You can even file your Free Application For Student Aid from the site. It’s not just for College students either, with sections aimed at Middle School and High School students, and one for Parents and Adults in transition from one career to another.

It’s also worth searching the Internet for new scholarship programs on a regular basis, and searching for grants. Follow the advice of a website like Scholarship help when preparing multiple applications and writing essays to increase your chances of success. It may take an average of 10-15 hours to complete a scholarship application, but with returns from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds, the returns are well over minimum wage, and scholarships won will look good on your CV.

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